Semalt Presents An Effective Web Extraction Tool

People are already aware of the importance of web scraping, so there is a huge need for it. In the bid to cash in on demand, numerous web scraping programs have been developed. Some of them have one discouraging drawback or the other.

In fact, some companies have had to try several applications before they stumbled on the one that is suitable for their business. Here is a recommendation for you. Try Website Extractor 9.62, an easy to use website scraping software.

With Website Extractor 9.62, it is quite easy to download an entire website and save all the content on a local hard drive. The downloaded sites can be used and reused since they are already saved with their. Other attractive features of the program have been discussed below.

Ability to scrape up to 100 hundred pages at once

One thing that stands this tool out is its efficiency. It can download up to one hundred web pages, images, graphics, and other types of data elements in one single run. It also has the ability to download files from multiple websites at the same time. You only need to list all your target URLs.

Filtering facility

Sometimes you may need only certain content from the target web pages. This tool will help you out since it can filter out only the required content from web pages. In other words, Web Extractor 9.62 also offers a high level of accuracy.

30-day trial period

Of course, you are allowed to try it out for some days for you to decide whether to purchase it or not. This is why it comes with a 30-day trial period. It will stop responding after the 30th day unless you purchase it.


It works with several versions of Windows operating system. It supports Windows Vista, 2003, 95, XP, Me, 2000, NT, and Windows 98.

Small size Its size is just 662.62KB. It is not even up to 1 MB. So it will take only a negligible amount of storage space on your hard drive. This is very important since people now use their storage facilities judiciously. They prefer smaller applications. This is another reason for the superiority of this program. Online technical support While using it, you may run into some challenges. This is why the program comes with 24/7 online technical support. You can always seek help from its technical support team anytime and any day.

Here is a recap of its features:

  • It can scrape over 100 data elements at once
  • It can scrape multiple websites in a single run
  • It is easy to use
  • It is small in size(662.62KB)
  • It supports Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, 95, 2003, and Windows Vista
  • It has online technical support

Why not take advantage of its trial period to get a feel of it? It is completely free, and you are not obliged in any way to buy it after the trial period. In other words, you have nothing to lose for trying it out.